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Michelle Topal MSW, LCSW

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Reflection on the Climb

I recently read a colleague at Aspire Counseling's (cool name, huh) blog and it gave me something to think about.  It was on the role of therapists and how they are perceived by clients, especially if we are perceived as infallible experts.  I recently heard an ACT trainer talk about how therapists are just like everyone else; that we all have our mountains to climb, but that a particular therapist’s may just be different than the one a client is climbing. The imagery goes on further to say that therapists just may have a certain helpful perspective or view of a client’s struggles on their mountain from the distance of the therapist's mountain. I like that visual because it acknowledges that therapists are no different than anyone else…except maybe we have a little more training and equipment for the big climb :-).